Corina Menendez


  • Attendance Clerk: Corina Menendez

    Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

    San Mateo High School is using a new Google form for distance learning attendance in order to better support students and families in reporting a student's absence from school.  It is an easier way to communicate, and will save staff time that can be shifted to supporting students with serious absence issues. With the form we will have a written record of the absence excuse.  With phone calls there is no permanent or written record so if there is a question it is difficult to produce historical evidence. 

    Here are the forms:

    SMHS Absence Reporting Form


    If you have questions about how to use this absence reporting form, you can email, Assistant Principal, Margarita Navarro at or Attendance Clerk, Corina Menendez at OR  

    Leave a message 24 hours:

    (650) 558-2309 - English

    (650) 558-2308 - Español

    Please include in your message the following:

    1.  Your student's first and last name

    2.  Your student's identification (I.D.) number

    3.  If you do not know your student's identification (I.D.) number, please leave your student's date of birth.