The Power of AVID

  • AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

    For over 35 years, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) has provided educators nationwide a proven solution for systematically increasing academic rigor and creating engaging learning environments, accelerating the performance of underrepresented students and delivering results schoolwide.

    AVID is a “g” elective course that prepares high school students to succeed and be admitted to a 4-year college or university.

    The AVID program is designed for students in the middle who show college potential. The program focuses on the importance of study skills, argumentative writing, goal setting, critical thinking, and time management. During junior and senior year, the focus is on skills students need to succeed in college, particularly college-level reading & writing.

The AVID Mission and Program

  • AVID is a nonprofit organization that provides educators with proven, real-world strategies to accelerate the performance of underrepresented students so that these students and all students across the entire campus succeed in college, career, and life.

characteristics of an AVID student

    • Bright, hard-working students who need some assistance to truly maximize their potential
    • 2.0-3.5 GPA (the ideal student is often in the 2.5-3.0 range)
    • Shows college potential & the desire to attend college
    • Shows dedication & determination
    • Perhaps is the first in their family to attend college
    • Ethnic and/or racial background is historically underrepresented in 4-year colleges/universities
    • Has good attendance

Benefits of being an AVID Student

    • Over 85% of SMUHSD AVID students are accepted to a 4-year college/university
    • AVID graduates complete college at a higher rate than non-AVID students
    • You will learn skills and strategies to help you succeed in high school and beyond
    • You will learn about the college and financial aid application processes
    • You will gain an AVID family of classmates and teachers to support you throughout high school
    • Your successes will be celebrated

AVID's College Readiness

    • Provides a schoolwide system to impact all students
    • Raises student achievement
    • Transforms a school’s culture to a college-readiness culture
    • Closes the achievement gap
    • Increases the number of students enrolled in high level courses (Pre-AP, AP, IB, Dual Credit, Cambridge)
    • Is a catalyst for true education reform in public school systems

AVID Student Profile

    • First in family to attend college
    • Average-to-high test scores
    • Academic middle with GPA of 2.0–3.0
    • College potential, with support from AVID strategies
    • Individual desire and determination

SMUHSD AVID Participation

  • In the 2016-17 school year, we had 428 AVID students among our three schools with the program (Aragon, Capuchino, and San Mateo).  Seventy percent of our AVID students are Latino, 25% are Asian, 14% identify as other, 11% are White, 2% are African-American, and 63% are on free/reduced lunch. Currently 100% of our AVID students are taking courses that allow them to meet four-year college entrance requirements.  Of all of our 10th grade AVID students, 28% are currently taking an AP or IB course, of the 11th graders, 67% are taking an AP or IB course and 70% of our current seniors are taking an AP or IB course. We are reaching historically marginalized students and they are succeeding and persisting in college after they leave our district.

Highlights: AVID Success in SMUHSD

    • This year we were able to provide college age tutors for the AVID tutorials for the first time.
    • In the past 3 years, 97-100% of our AVID seniors have been CSU/UC eligible and are applying to 4 year universities.
    • The AVID students are academically outperforming their grade level peers with similar identifying characteristics.
    • Next year we are expanding our AVID program by two sections. Additionally, we have three partner schools in San Mateo Foster City who are initiating AVID programs.
  • Good News

    Of the AVID Seniors in SMUHSD:

    90% submitted a FAFSA or state financial aid form

    96% applied to a four year university

    85% were accepted to a four-year university

    Nationally, only 61% of high school graduates in the Class of 2019 completed a FAFSA. AVID students across the nation far out-pace this statistic, and your district is one that is leading the pack.

    Our AVID students are beating the odds, leading the charge, and outperforming peers across California and the nation in important college readiness metrics.

    “AVID gives me support with my schoolwork and life. AVID keeps me moving and keeps me from giving up.”

    “AVID has totally changed my life. I am more organized and prepared for my future because of AVID.”

    - Former AVID students