Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.)

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    Our G.A.T.E. program is a partnership between the S.M.U.H.S.D. and the G.A.T.E. Parents Group. Each of our comprehensive sites have a G.A.T.E. coordinator. Our program is available to District students only. Students are identified as G.A.T.E. from their previous schools or through the district criteria.  In the 2016-17 school year, we had approximately 2,000 G.A.T.E. identified students.

    We provide a flexible system of program options to gifted and talented students based on their needs, interests, and abilities. Honors, advanced standing, and advanced placement courses are available for students on all campuses. Our G.A.T.E. coordinators are capable, professional, and dedicated to assisting your child in reaching their fullest potential.

    Our district uses the following criteria to identify students for our GATE program. 



    Registration for SAT Prep Class Ends March 9 - targets May 4 and June 1 SATs

    The GATE Parents Group sponsored SAT Prep course is at San Mateo High School on Saturdays 3/16, 3/23, 3/30, 4/13 and 4/27 (no classes on 4/6 and 4/20). 

    Morning (8:30am-noon) and afternoon (1:00-4:30pm) sessions. Registration ends 3/9/19 (midnight).


    Special Movie Screening!

    GATE Parents Group/ HHS PTSO is sponsoring district-wide screening of LIKE, a film by IndieFlix exploring the impact of social media on our lives. By understanding the effects on the brain and on our lives we can learn how to navigate it more safely.

    This FREE event is for Students and Parents. RSVP.  

    • March 6, 7-8:30 p.m. (movie 7-8 p.m. with a guided discussion to follow)
    • Hillsdale High School Auditorium, 3115 Del Monte St, San Mateo


    Summer Enrichment Classes to be announced in April

    The GATE Parents Group sponsored 1 week classes will include STEM, writing cooking, digital art and economics as well as a SAT Prep bootcamp.

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