2020 Summer School

  • Hello SMUHSD Student,

    Welcome to the Summer School Program. We have set up this Canvas Passport Program as a student center where you can access information, communicate with your teacher and support staff (counselors, admin), and learn about resources available to you. You are required to complete all three sections of this passport course by THIS Wednesday, JUNE 17 (your first summer school class starts on Monday, June 15).

    Summer School courses will be taken via a computer program called Edgenuity. It is easy to navigate but it can be challenging, especially if you try to rush through it. This is why we have assigned you to a real teacher who can help to support you by answering questions, by checking on your progress, and by reaching out to you/your families if you are falling behind. This virtual summer program allows you to sleep in and work in the afternoons. All you have to earn is a 60% passing relative grade in the course, but you'll need to complete enough of the course and with a strong enough grade to move on. This 60% passing relative grade will also allow you to begin your second course (if you are taking one). We want to make sure that you are successful and that you get the credits you need to help you graduate.

    You may not be looking forward to summer school; however, in my experience, summer school most often becomes a very positive opportunity for students to catch up, to learn without the distraction of so many other classes, and to stay connected to friends and teachers over the summer.  Yes, this is a virtual summer school, but with the challenges of online learning come major advantages--did I mention sleeping in? Make the most of this opportunity by networking with friends, by reaching out to your teachers for support, by accessing tutoring if you need it (we will provide this), and by learning about the resources we have for you in this Canvas Passport Course (such as wellness counseling). Thank you for exploring this first part of the summer school experience and know that we are here to help you along the way.


    Mr. Hudelson, Ms. Larratt, and Mr. Wolfgramm

    Links to Canvas for Summer School Students

    Contacts for SMUHSD Summer School 2020.

    Summer School Principal, Fred Wolfgramm: fwolfgramm@smuhsd.org

    Lead Teacher, Joe Hudelson: jhudelson@smuhsd.org

    Lead Teacher, Kerry Larratt: klarratt_intern@smuhsd.org

    General Questions and WiFi/Computer Device requests: summerschool2020@smuhsd.org

    Student Technical Needs and Support: techrequest@smuhsd.org | 650-558-2480

    Wellness Counseling


  • You can request to speak with the Wellness Counselor while during summer schools hours (Monday - Friday from 12 - 5 p.m. only.) 

    Requests made after-school, in the evening or on the weekends will not be checked until the next scheduled summer school day.

    Fill out the appointment form.