Degrees and Certifications:

Julie Habeeb

Teacher - Mathematics and Driver Education (when it was offered)

Capuchino High School, San Mateo Union High School District

Fall 2000 - Present


Teacher - Science, Mathematics, Physical Education

Luther Burbank Middle School, San Francisco Unified School District 

Fall 1990 - Spring 2000

Not exciting enough for you?  Well, here are some tidbits bound to cause you to sit up and take notice...

Prom Date:  Fred E. Flintstone (He was much cuter when he was younger.)

First Car:  Bat Mobile;  Won it from the superhero playing basketball (he claims his cape kept getting in his way...yeah, right); still have the vehicle, stored in my Hab-Cave, hanging upside down, of course.  I only take it out at night.

First Date:  Right  Before My Second Date

Favorite Color: Plaid and, then, Grey

Favorite Song: “The Star-Spangled Banner” (Want to hear me sing it?)

Favorite Food:  Good

If you want more information than this, you need to buy me dinner.

P.S.  If you throw in dessert, I’ll tell you why I wear a white lab coat...tempting, I know.