Degrees and Certifications:

Tina Horton


I’m Ms. Horton! I have been teaching since 1991 and have been at Capuchino since 2010. I love teaching Junior IB English every year, as well as sometimes teaching CP Junior English, US History, and OSCR. I live in Mountain View but don’t mind the commute to San Bruno too much because I really like spending my days with such a lovely bunch of students. In my third decade in the profession, I find myself enjoying teaching even more than I did in the beginning. I love being part of students’ lives, geeking out about topics that I am passionate about, and having a captive audience for my lame jokes.

I was born in Germany, moved to the US as a young child, and grew up in San Francisco.  I received my BA degree in Comparative Literature and Political Science from UC Berkeley and my teaching credential from San Jose State. After college, I lived in Nicaragua for thirteen years before returning to the Bay Area.

I have two children: an adult daughter working in San Francisco and a son heading to college. I also have a number of pets: a cat, a pondful of goldfish, three little dogs, and two pit bulls. One of my favorite activities is hanging out in my garden with my kids and/or pets.