SMUHSD Board Approves New Logo Design

  • The SMUHSD Board of Trustees approved a new logo for our District at its May 23, 2024 meeting (see the three approved variations of the logo below). 

    The new logo incorporates the concept of our 10 schools and the 6 cities that make up our ONE District. This concept of 10-6-1 is illustrated in our new logo which forms a kaleidoscope. The visual representation also refers to the ever-changing and endless possibilities for our students and other members of the SMUHSD community. It allows for the unique characteristics of our schools, students and educators while also recognizing our intersections and interdependability.

    The Board’s decision follows 10 months of work from staff and input from members of our District community. Thank you to the many students, parents and guardians and educators who were involved in this process. Your time, energy, input and feedback made this creative work possible. You can view an animation of the District’s logo, view the presentation and a recording of the meeting. 

    The District will soon share a plan to roll out the new logo as well as a complete style guide to help maintain the District’s brand through proper use of the logo, font and colors. More to come!

  • We Are Designing a New District logo!


    The San Mateo Union High School District is redesigning its logo to create a more accurate and positive visual representation of our values and mission as well as our equity vision and mission

    Voler Strategic Advisors is guiding the District in this process to ensure that diverse voices are heard and can be realized in an artistic expression that accurately portrays our identity. In addition to conducting focus groups in English and Spanish (made up of staff, parents/guardians and students), the District has gathered input in the process via a survey intended to explore the thoughts and ideas of our community around the District’s brand and what our new logo should look like. 

    Logo Development Overview and Timeline

    Phase 1 - Gathering Input Through Focus Groups and Surveys (December 2023- January 2024)

    Phase 2 - Design Process (February - March 2024)

    Phase 3 - Selection Process: Representative committee will review logo design options and choose a logo to present the Board of Trustees for approval (April - May 2024)

    Phase 4 - Logo Roll-out (May - June 2024, with full implementation by Fall of 2024)

    ¡Estamos diseñando un nuevo logotipo del Distrito!

    San Mateo Union High School District está rediseñando su logotipo para crear una representación visual más precisa y positiva de nuestros valores y misión, así como de nuestra visión y misión de equidad.

    Voler Strategic Advisors está guiando al Distrito en este proceso para garantizar que las diversas voces sean escuchadas y puedan materializarse en una expresión artística que represente con precisión nuestra identidad. Además de realizar grupos de discusión en inglés y español (compuestos por personal, padres/tutores y estudiantes), el Distrito recopiló información en el proceso a través de una encuesta destinada a explorar los pensamientos e ideas de nuestra comunidad en torno a la marca del Distrito y como debería ser nuestro nuevo logotipo.

    Descripción general y calendario del desarrollo del logotipo

    Fase 1: Recopilación de opiniones a través de grupos de discusión y encuestas (diciembre de 2023 a enero de 2024)

    Fase 2: Proceso de diseño (febrero - marzo de 2024)

    Fase 3: Proceso de selección: Un comité representativo revisará las opciones de diseño del logotipo y elegirá un logotipo para presentarlo a la Junta Directiva para su aprobación (abril - mayo de 2024)

    Fase 4: Lanzamiento del logotipo (mayo - junio de 2024, con implementación completa para el otoño de 2024)