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Instructional Lead Team

Instructional Lead Team

The San Mateo Union High School District is excited to introduce the Instructional Lead Team. Our team was created to examine the intent and impact of instructional practices across the District and to reimagine these practices when and where they do not match our goals. This work is just one piece of our larger antiracist school and community transformation. We acknowledge that this transformation will take the efforts of more than just this team and want to emphasize that its creation is rooted in servicing the collective. 

We have three main goals as a team. 

  1. We will provide professional learning during the time set-aside during the District professional learning. 

  2. We will visit classrooms to uncover the amazing work underway across the District. 

  3. We will create an instructional framework by integrating existing models available and integrating what we learn through our exploration in classrooms in SMUHSD. 

We will launch our work during the District-wide professional learning time on Fridays in October. This will be an opportunity to meet our team and learn about options for the year in professional learning. 

This work requires collaboration, creativity and the willingness to transform our previous structures and hierarchies. We work with the teacher’s mind and the heart at the center so the transformation is not another top-initiative but rather an opportunity to create a humane and loving learning system that is rooted in In lak’ech for all who work and learn here. We invite you to open your hearts, minds and classrooms to support us in making our goals a reality. Your voice and insights will be the most vital components in this transformational journey!