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Addressing the Bay Area Housing Crisis

Addressing the Bay Area Housing Crisis

The sale of the Crestmoor property could potentially contribute to housing solutions by providing revenue to the District to build employee housing at another location. 

A serious gap between the number of jobs and houses exists in San Mateo County. Between 2010 and 2018, 93,000 new jobs were created in the county, while only 8,500 new housing units were built, a 11:1 ratio. Generally, San Mateo County has not produced as much housing as other inner Bay Area Counties. The ratio is decreasing, but we still have a long way to go.*

One of the greatest challenges for SMUHSD employees is the high cost of housing in the Bay Area. 

A 2019 survey of District staff revealed: 

  • 82% of District employees surveyed who rent their home or apartment feel “somewhat vulnerable to very vulnerable” about rent increases or their ability to renew leases in the future.
  • 91.8% of rental respondents “somewhat agree or strongly agree” that the cost of housing will impact their ability to stay in the area.

High staff turnover negatively impacts our District’s ability to provide the level of high-quality education our students and families expect. 

At their October 10, 2019  meeting, the SMUHSD Board of Trustees directed staff to explore opportunities for staff housing. 

By building employee housing, we aim to continue to attract and retain the highest quality teachers and staff. The District views affordable housing as being necessary for a good quality of life, and we are uniquely positioned to face this challenge head on.

*Source: CA EDD, US Census, American Community Survey.