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The District is committed to operating in a way that promotes sustainability and encourages activities that promote the efficient use of resources.  As part of its extensive facilities modernization, the district added considerable solar power that generated well over a third of the district's electrical needs. The district is also engaged in numerous other sustainability initiatives in the areas of water use, recycling, and hazardous materials. 

We believe that sustainability efforts help us achieve four important things.  First, they mean that we use our financial resources more efficiently.  Second sustainability helps us reduce our carbon footprint.  Third, we can educate our students on how to save their own money and that of their families through appropriate use of resources, and finally, we provide an example of how to act sustainable to our students through our actions and activities.


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Sustainability Assessment Report

In January 2021, SMUHSD partnered with the SMCOE’s Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Initiative (ELSI) to conduct a comprehensive baseline assessment of the district's existing efforts to become an environmentally sustainable institution. The intention of this assessment is to provide a synthesis of the current status of efforts to date and build a shared understanding and common language for these efforts. Furthermore, it is recommended that SMUHSD stakeholders use this baseline assessment as the foundation for a comprehensive strategic planning process. 

Read the Sustainable and Climate Resilient Schools Baseline Assessment Report.