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Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

AVID is a “g” elective course that prepares high school students to be eligible to be admitted to a four-year university. All AVID students graduate college and career ready. Enrollment in the AVID program requires an application and interview. 

The AVID program is designed for at-promise students who show academic potential. The program focuses on the importance of study skills, writing, goal setting, critical thinking, & time management needed for college and career readiness. During junior and senior year, there is an increased focus on exploring post-high school options. 

Characteristics of an AVID Student

  • At-promise students who want guidance to maximize their potential 

  • Usually have a 2.0-3.5 GPA 

  • Shows academic potential and the desire for pursuing a college or career path post-high school 

  • Shows dedication and determination

  • Perhaps is the first in their family to attend college

  • Ethnic and/or racial background is historically underrepresented in four-year colleges/universities

  • Has good attendance 

Benefits of Being an AVID Student

  • Over 85% of SMUHSD AVID students are accepted to a four-year college/university

  • AVID graduates complete college at a higher rate than non-AVID students

  • Students will learn skills and strategies to succeed beyond high school

  • Students will be supported through the application processes for college and/or other post-high school programs, as well as financial aid

  • Students will be part of a supportive AVID family where their successes are celebrated

Former Student Testimonials

“AVID has totally changed my life. I am more organized and prepared for my future because of AVID.”

“AVID gives me support with my schoolwork and life. AVID keeps me moving and keeps me from giving up.” 

Avid 2023 Districtwide Field Day

Aerial view of AVID Field Day on the SMHS Football Field

San Mateo High hosted a Field Day for AVID students Districtwide on April 26! Students participated in various team-building activities, including school vs. school tug-o-war and a scavenger hunt where students had to get into groups with students from other schools. Throughout the day students bonded, talked, and reflected on why they were in AVID and what makes this program so great for our first-generation of students who will attend college! 

After the team-building activities, students were able to enjoy the day with jump houses, spike ball, soccer, cornhole, kickball, and more. 

SMHS AVID Teacher Nancy Dinges reflected on the day: ““One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing students from each school interact with one another and witness what a great community AVID has provided our students.”

2024 Senior AVID Standouts

Watch the 2024 AVID Senior Standout Presentation that took place at the May 9 Board Presentation.

View the slide deck of senior standouts.

Good News

Of the AVID Seniors in SMUHSD:

90% submitted a FAFSA or state financial aid form

96% applied to a four year university

85% were accepted to a four-year university

Nationally, only 61% of high school graduates in the Class of 2019 completed a FAFSA. AVID students across the nation far out-pace this statistic, and your district is one that is leading the pack.

Our AVID students are beating the odds, leading the charge, and outperforming peers across California and the nation in important college readiness metrics.