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Guided Studies

Guided Studies Course Description

Guided Studies (G.S.) is a course that will help students build a strong academic identity and foster social responsibility in the high school setting. In addition to tutorial time that will provide students with assistance for their studies in other curricular areas, Guided Studies will focus on study skills, organizational strategies, critical thinking, team building, leadership training, and character development. Guided Studies will assist all students in creating academic success at the high school level so that students may achieve their post-high school goals. Guided Studies teachers meet one-on-one with students to discuss academic progress, set goals, and address individual student needs. Additionally, Guided Studies teachers work closely with the school based wellness team to make sure students receive the counseling and wellness services they may need to support their personal and academic success. We believe that the Guided Studies class fills as unique niche in our M.T.S.S. due to its attention on both the academic and socio-emotional needs of students.

Guided Studies Help:

  • To build a strong academic identity
  • To create a structured space to work on homework/classwork
  • To foster study skills
  • To increase organization and time management
  • To build positive relationships with peers and school staff
  • To create and reflect on post-high school goals

Guided Studies students benefit from: 

  • Small classes
  • Individual attention across all academic areas
  • Student tutors in the Guided Studies class to assist with content
  • Priority access to site based wellness team

The goal of Guided Studies is to meet students where they are at and help propel them forward on a path of sustained personal and academic success.