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The San Mateo Union High School District offers comprehensive programs and services to students who are identified as English Learners.  Upon enrollment in a public school in California, families are asked to complete a Home Language Survey as part of their enrollment process. Students who have a language other than English listed on their home language survey are assessed for their proficiency in English.  Based on the results of these assessments, a student will be identified as an English Learner (E.L.) or initial Fluent English Proficient (I.F.E.P.). The English Learner designation will stay with a student until that student is reclassified as fluent English proficient.

Upon enrollment in the San Mateo Union High School District, all parents/guardians fill out a Home Language Survey as a part of the Infosnap process. New students to our district are assessed upon enrollment if their Home Language Survey lists a language other than English, and/or the student is coming from another country. The results of the assessments determine whether the student is an English Learner or qualifies as Initially Fluent English Proficient. If the student is identified as an English Learner the length of time in the United States and the results of the assessments will determine which level of English Language Development (ELD) the student will be placed in.

Parents/guardians of English Learners are notified in writing regarding: 1) the student's level of English proficiency; 2) how the level was determined; 3) the placement of the student into an English language instructional program; 4) the methods of instruction used in the program; 5) the status of the student's academic achievement; 6) options for programs that will meet the student's needs; and 7) options to remove a student from a program or decline initial enrollment.  Parents/guardians are also provided with information regarding how a student can be Reclassified to Fluent English Proficient (R.F.E.P.).

Additionally, parents/guardians of all potential English Learners (ELs) are notified in writing about program options for English Learners.  They are also notified regarding their right to visit the program/classes, their right to request a withdrawal from the program, their option to request a waiver, and their right to participate in the school and district English Learner committees.