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We monitor the academic progress of all English Learner (E.L.) and former English Learner students who have been recently reclassified as Fluent English Proficient (R.F.E.P.). Our English Learner Specialists, teaching staff, counselors and district staff have access to our Elevation platform. Ellevation is a student information system which allows us to track academic performance data and English proficiency progress, as well as collect teacher feedback on in-class performance in one place. Teachers are asked to complete feedback forms at least once per semester for every R.F.E.P. student they have. They complete forms for all English Learner students at least once a year, more often if the student is not making adequate academic progress.

We have English Learner Specialists at each site who work with our district testing assistant and the Manager of English Learner Programs to develop data reports for site and district administrative teams which help drive professional development work with teachers on the sites and at the district level.

The Ellevation platform is also used to track progress towards reclassification.