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Placement Process


Upon enrollment in the San Mateo Union High School District, all parents/guardians fill out a Home Language Survey as a part of the Infosnap process. New students to our district are assessed upon enrollment if their Home Language Survey lists a language other than English, and/or the student is coming from another country. The results of the assessments determine whether the student is an E.L. or qualifies as Initially Fluent English Proficient. If the student is identified as an English Learner the length of time in the United States and the results of the assessments will determine which level of English Language Development (E.L.D.) the student will be placed in.

Students identified as a potential English Learner will be assessed by our district testing assistant. Students are assessed in reading, writing, listening and speaking using the English Language Proficiency Assessment for California. In addition, students take an online reading inventory and math inventory. There may be an additional math assessment depending on the results of the math inventory. Students primary language literacy is assessed through a written exam.

A student’s assessment results, coupled with previous education and transcripts they bring in, help determine a student’s designation and level as an English Learner. Their age is taken in consideration when being placed in a grade level. Student E.L. designation helps determine which program will best meet the student’s academic needs.

English Learner Programs in our District



Sites that offer the Program

Newcomer - English Language Development 1

Peninsula High School (for upperclassmen only)

English Language Development 1, English Language Development 2, and English Language Development 3

Capuchino, Hillsdale, and San Mateo high schools

English Language Development 3

Mills High School

English Learner not in English Language Development

All district schools