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Family Engagement Coordinators-5037

Our District has a family engagement coordinator at each of our six comprehensive sites and our alternative school. In 2017 our District received a KENT Award for our Family Engagement Program. Although each coordinator serves an individual school site, they work as a team facilitated by the Manager of English Learner Programs, to develop and implement district-wide events, help facilitate our District English Learner Advisory Committee, and ensure consistency and quality of services to families and our students. They meet with families in person to help them complete various forms, and understand how to navigate Schoolloop, an online communication tool, for example. Additionally, they help coordinate our English Learner Advisory Committees, Latino Parent Groups, and parent education opportunities through Parents for Quality Education and Parent Project.

The work of these coordinators also includes working closely with students. They have been a safe liaison from which to seek support. They often seek the Family Engagement Coordinator out for help navigating the school lunch system, communicating with a teacher, information on how to join a sport/club, or issues they are having at home. The coordinator is then able to connect the student to the right personnel or community service and help them if there is a language barrier. At any given time, you can walk into one of their offices and find them with a parent/caregiver, student, or on the phone with a family.

To find out more about the events the Family Engagement Coordinators have developed and implemented and to find out about upcoming events, please see the Family Education Events page.