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Special Education Transportation

Transportation for Students with IEPs

The San Mateo Union High School District Transportation Department is committed to providing special education students a safe and upbeat riding experience consistent with federal and state laws.  This specific type of transportation service is based on the individual needs of the student as well as his or her eligibility into the program.  A District team determines the student's individual needs considering a variety of factors including the student's Individual Education Plan.

If you move or make any changes that will affect your child's transportation during the school year, you must immediately notify the Office of Student Services and the Office of Special Education.  Families are required to come into the Office of Student Services and into the Office of Special Education to complete a change of address form immediately after they have relocated.  
Once you provide Student Services and the Office of Special Education with the new information, the Office of Special Education will forward the information to the transportation department. Transportation will assign your child to a bus route and in turn will notify you of the new pick-up and return times.  Once the transportation department has been notified of an address change, please allow a five day grace period for transportation services to resume.

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