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Are you looking for a flexible program that can more effectively cater to your academic learning style and personal needs? Would you benefit from a more independent, mature and flexible learning environment? 

We invite you to learn more about E-College and find out how it might be a better fit for you. e-College is one of the District’s Alternative Education programs based at College of San Mateo. 

Why E-College?

E-College combines the high school experience with a myriad of online courses and in-person instruction taught by Community College Professors.  It is a combination of independent study and concurrent college enrollment. College units satisfy your diploma while working on your undergraduate degree at the same time.


  • Earn a high school diploma AND college credit at the same time: Students are allowed to take independent studies courses in conjunction with San Mateo Community College District (SMCCD) courses to meet graduation requirements for a comprehensive high school diploma while also earning college credits.

  • Free College Units: SMCCD courses are available to any student concurrently enrolled in San Mateo County for free. Students may take over 12 units. Students must take at least one college course to be enrolled in e-College.  

  • Flexible Schedule: Students are able to choose their own schedule based on the courses, days and times they choose! There are asynchronous, Zoom and in-person college courses.

  • Access to Extracurricular Activities: Students can still participate in all extra-curricular activities at their home school sites, including athletics, dances, and clubs

  • Access to Counselors: Students can still receive counseling support at their home school site

  • Dedicated staff person: The E-College Coordinator works collaboratively with school site counselors, an onsite wellness counselor and administrators to ensure students meet their fullest potential. 

Typical Student

Successful candidates are:

  • Self-starters who are proactive, efficient, work well independently and are ready for a college setting
  • Students in need of a smaller, individualized educational setting


  • Students interested in attending e-College or Independent Study must meet with their counselor to review their graduation plan and fill out a new contract 
  • All SMUHSD Alternative programs need a new k12 form submitted each semester
  • All e-College students must submit a new concurrent enrollment form each semester.  View the instructions.
  • Counselors will sign the course connection form electronically, then you will be able to register after receiving an email confirmation from CSM..


For more information contact e-College Coordinator Carolyn Berzin at or 650-922-9979 or talk to your school site counselor. 

2023-2024 Enrollment

Enrollment Steps

For the 2023-24 School Year there is a new application and enrollment process for E-college. 

Before you get started, it is very helpful to listen to this five-minute video: How to Fill Out Your College Connection Form

Download the E-College flyer.

The College District has implemented a new online concurrent enrollment request form for students seeking to take college courses while in high school.  Students are required to fill out the information directly on their Student Success Link in the mySMCCD portal. 

Students will also have to include their parent/guardian and High School Counselor designee information and an automated email will be sent to them directly to review and approve students’ requests.

High School Students are required to submit a new Concurrent Enrollment Request Form for each new term they decide to enroll in courses and continue e-College as a Concurrently Enrolled High School Student.

Note: When filling out your application online, remember to select the program called "Concurrent Enrollment" for your program. (It should say e-College but College of San Mateo has not changed this in their system yet).


  • Apply to College of San Mateo on their website:  Apply for Admission
  • You will get a G number and welcome information saying fill out the College Connect Form in the SMCCD Student Portal using your login information.
  • All new/continuing concurrent enrollment students will need to complete the same request form in the
  • My SMCCD Student Portal. Once in the portal, select the tile that says “Student Success Link” to login.From there, you will go to “My Forms” then “College Connection Form.” The College Connection Form is where you will indicate which classes you are taking as a concurrently enrolled high school student.
  • You still need to sign up for your classes on WebSmart. WebSmart actually confirms and finalizes your registration process for classes. It will say registered or waitlisted after you enter the CRN class codes in the “Add Classes” section on WebSmart.. Choose OPEN classes so you are not waitlisted, which can get complicated.
  • You are only enrolled in a course if it says "Registered." Registered means you are confirmed in that specific class.
  • Once the Online Concurrent Enrollment section is submitted you will get an email that will allow you to sign up for classes in the SMCCD Student Portal under WebSmart using your CRN Numbers of the WebSchedule.
  • All information is under your private passcode. Feel free to call CSM or go to Registration in person if needed Building 1-floor 2 and talk to: Joshna Pratap, or 650-358-6858

Students: You are responsible for sending your counselor/SDA your CSM Fall grades. Send a copy of your CSM transcripts from WebSmart to your school site SDA and site Counselor when your grades are posted. They are under your passcode.

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