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Peninsula High School

Peninsula High School

Peninsula High School serves all six of the San Mateo Union High School District’s comprehensive schools.  Our programs are designed to help students get back on track academically while receiving social emotional support and career preparation.

Alternative Program:

  • Students that are sophomores are enrolled in the alternative program. In the alternative program, students work towards the same requirements as our comprehensive high schools. 
  • At the end of a student’s sophomore year, they may either continue at our site in the alternative program or return to their comprehensive school site provided they have met the requirements.
  • We allow juniors and seniors who wish to participate in athletics to be enrolled in this program as well.
  • Graduation requirements are 220 credits in the required subject areas, which is the same as the comprehensive high schools
  • Students will have a seven periods a day and work towards 105 credits a year.

Continuation Program:

  • Our continuation school serves strictly juniors and seniors who are behind on credits.
  • Students will have a five or seven periods a day and work towards 85-105 credits a year.
  • In our continuation program students may have a shorter on-site academic day provided they met one of our other requirements such as enrollment in community college courses, community service, work experience, or night school classes (Seniors Only)
  • Provide greater opportunities for student academic success with educational programs that offer flexibility, diversity, and support for student success.
  • In the continuation program, students work towards 200 credits.

* Regardless of program, each student makes a one-year commitment to our school and their placement is re-evaluated at the end of a school year.

Please visit Peninsula High School website for more details.