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Illness and Disease Prevention

Illness and Disease Prevention

It is important to protect the health of students and our greater school community from risks posed by infectious diseases that can be transmitted within the school setting. Your child may be excluded from school in accordance with California Education Code section 48210-48214 and section 49451. “Whenever there is a reason to believe that the child is suffering a recognized contagious or infectious disease, they shall be sent home and shall not be permitted to return until the school authorities are satisfied that any contagious disease does not exist.”

Returning to Child Care or School

For most illnesses, including infectious diseases, a doctor’s note is NOT necessary for returning to the child care or school setting.

In general, a child can return when they meet ALL the following conditions:

  1. Symptoms are improving and the child is feeling better and can meaningfully participate in routine child care/school activities.
  2. Staff can meet child’s care needs without compromising the health and safety of other children and staff.
  3. Specific symptoms (like fever or vomiting) have met return recommendations listed in Table 2.

If a child has been seen by a healthcare provider, the child care/school may consider the advice of the provider when determining when the child may return to child care/school while also considering the interests of other children and staff. The return of children to non-classroom activities (extracurriculars or athletics) following illness may include additional clearance criteria, if appropriate. If the local health department is involved, follow their advice.

For more information, please see the CDPH's When to Keep Your Student Home from School (en español).

The Health Services Team recommends all who are eligible to receive:

If students or staff do test positive for COVID, please see COVID Safety Protocols.

Promote your general health with a good diet and hydration, frequent exercise, and by getting a good night's sleep.