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Health Aides

Health Aides

San Mateo Union High School District Health Aides are on site and readily available to assist in each of the seven schools’ Health Offices with a variety of health-related necessities.  They support the Health Services Manager in preparation and organization of school medical tasks and manage daily student health needs under her direction. The Student Health Team is also available for coordinating nursing services for students requiring additional onsite medical management or supervision.

Health Aides are certified in First Aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and Automated External Defibrillators administration and have received other disease specific training to assist students’ health needs that may arise while they are at school.  If a student has a medical emergency at school, the Health Aides provide supportive care until the emergency medical services arrives. If a student becomes ill or injured at school, parents or guardians are notified by the Health Aide.  The Health Office is stocked with basic First Aid supplies for use as needed.  Health Aides prepare packages of gloves and antiseptic wipes at the beginning of the year for all staff members and ensure that each classroom has an emergency disaster bag.  If a student requires medication during the school day, Health Aides are trained in Medication Administration to assist, including emergency medication such as EpiPens to treat severe allergic reactions. 

Health Aides ensure that all students are up-to-date with state-required vaccines and provide information about local resources where students may receive immunizations and physical exams, and where families may receive application assistance for health insurance.  Health Aides collect and assist with applications for the National Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Additionally, Health Aides process all Athletic Packets and verify that students have been medically-cleared to participate in athletics by their healthcare provider and parent/guardian.  

If notification is received from a medical doctor indicating that a student has a health condition which may limit participation in a school sponsored program, the Health Aide notifies the appropriate staff.  Health Aides also notify teachers, counselors and administrators of students with major medical conditions at the beginning of each semester.

The Health Office provides a safe-space for students to utilize if they need to take a few moments out of the classroom to have some quiet time and regroup before returning to class.  Health Aides have access to a large amount of health maintenance and disease prevention information for adolescents and receive regular updates from local agencies.  Students, as well as families, can find information on drug, alcohol and tobacco use, contraceptives, mental health concerns, peer and relationship issues, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning + community awareness, and many other topics in our Health Offices.