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  • Miniatures Art Show

    Miniatures Art Show

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  • Fall 2017 Final Exam Schedule

    Final Exam Schedule

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  • Winter Recess & First Day Spring Semester

    Winter Recess & 1st Day of Spring Semester

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  • San Mateo Student Presents Research Results at International Astrophysics Conference

    Ms. Seanna Fess presented her work on exoplanets at the recent international conference “Know Thy Star, Know Thy Planet” held on 8-12 Oct in Pasadena, CA. Over 160 professional researchers from more than 10 countries gather to discuss the star beyond the Sun that are known to have planets orbiting them. Ms. Fess, working with Dr. Steve B. Howell the Head of Space Science and Astrobiology at NASA Ames Research Center, presented her findings related to NASA Kepler mission-discovered exoplanets. She studied a group of exoplanets known to orbit one star of a binary pair and performed calculations to determine which of the two stars the planet actually orbited. To date, her work suggests that the majority of exoplanets found in binary star systems orbit the brighter, more massive star, although she did find some evidence for a small portion that may orbit the smaller, fainter star. This work provides robust inputs to exoplanet formation models. Seanna is currently writing her results as a research paper to be submitted to a professional astrophysics journal in a few months.

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