Panther Prep 2019

  • In preparation for Panther Prep 2019 this year, please read the Student and Family Handbook below then make sure you have downloaded, printed, and completed each of the required documents below.  We will collect these items at Panther Prep. For your convenience, we have created a form for you to use a checklist for the documents listed below.  [Print a copy of the Panther Prep Checklist.]

    Grade 9: August 8 @ 7:45-2:00p 
    (Freshmen Orientation + Panther Prep)
    Grade 10: August 9 @ 8:30-10:00a
    Grade 11: August 9 @ 10:30-12:00p
    Grade 12: August 9 @ 1:00-2:30p

     Prior to Panther Prep:  Important:  Students will not be able to enter the gym to complete Registration this year unless all of these tasks have been completed and/or cleared:

    • Review forms and information on the School District Registration Website. -> School District Registration Website
    • Aeries Parent Portal Update - reference the letter your received in the mail from the District to confirm your student's registration. If you did not receive a letter, please call 650.558.2299.
    • Return all books - check The Library List to see if you have any overdue books.
      • If you FIND A BOOK - bring it to the Counseling Office during summer office hours.
      • If you THINK YOU TURNED IT IN - come to the library to check the stacks for the book on Friday, July 26, from 10am-noon.
    • Pay all fees/fines from previous school year.

    Required School Documents:

    Optional School Documents: 

    Parent Group Forms (optional): 

    Booster Group Forms (optional): 

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    • Can I have a printed copy of the handbook and forms? In an effort to save paper, we only print a limited number of the forms listed above and the Student & Family Handbook 2019-20. If you would like to have a copy, please come by the BHS Main Office during our summer hours: 7:30-3:30pm, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a printed copy.  
    • My student won’t be here for Panther Prep. What should I do? Students who miss Panther Prep Days will be able to come to school on Wednesday, August 14th beginning at 7:45am in A134 to take care of their business and pick up their class schedules.  
    • Can a parent or friend come to Panther Prep instead of their student(s)? Parents are welcome to come to Panther Prep Days to take care of submitting forms or returning any lost books. However, students must be present to take their photos and get their new BHS Student ID Card; new ID cards are required to get a student class schedule and to check out textbooks. This allows us to ensure that we have current photos of all students on file early in the year for security school safety purposes.
    • What should I bring to Panther Prep? 
      • Backpack (for books, handouts, & paperwork) and pen
      • Code of Conduct Signature Page (required)
      • Appropriate clothing for school photo (required) 
        • Order form and payment for photos (optional)
      • ASB/Peninsula Athletic League (PAL) payment for ID card (optional)
      • Any required medical, physical, or athletic forms
      • Payments for Parents’ Group, Boosters, yearbook purchase, etc. (optional)

    Wednesday, August 14, 2019 from 9:30 am - 3:15 pm

    Scheduling Policies:

    As students pick up their schedules, they may have a few questions for their counselors. Students will be seen by counselors during Panther Prep ONLY if their schedule has a stamp on it indicating a scheduling issue that requires an immediate schedule update.

    Students may see their counselors during the first week of schools for the following reasons:

    • Hole in their schedule
    • Incorrect course level (i.e. assigned to Geometry when they should be placed in Algebra II)
    • Missing a graduation requirement

    All other course change requests can be made beginning the week of August 19th.  Students should keep the following in mind as they contemplate a course change request:

    • Students must attend the courses they are enrolled in until an official course change has been approved by the administration and made by the counseling office. 
    • There are no schedule changes for period or teacher requests.
    • Please note that students are entitled to six classes. Students may take seven classes based on student need defined by district level guidelines.
    • All athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of twenty-five units in order to be eligible to play sports.
    • Course changes will not be made to accommodate extra-curricular schedules, personal preferences, teacher, or period preferences. 
    • Schedules may be changed only for the following reasons based on counselor review of the student transcript:
      • Student is missing a class required for graduation.
      • Student is in the wrong level (e.g., scheduled in Spanish I but should be in Spanish II).
      • Student completed a summer school course and need to adjust the schedule.
      • Student has fewer than 6 classes.