Overview of English Learner programs

  • In the San Mateo Union High School District, we value our English Learners (E.L.) as an integral part of our community and appreciate the rich diversity and cultures they contribute to our schools and society. We are committed to providing English Learners at all of our schools a rich academic and social experience while affirming the assets they contribute to our campuses and district. We have English Learners who are recent arrivals to the United States and more who have been raised here. We offer differentiated programs in an attempt to meet the needs of all our English Learners.

    We are committed to continuous improvement in our work with our English Learners. We are proud of the amazing teaching and support staff we have working with our English Learners. Our English Learners are an inspiration and source of joy and we are dedicated to creating opportunities and access so they graduate college and career ready.


Recent English Learner  graduates from San Mateo High School  (from left to right) William Villanueva, Andrea Garcia Garcia,