Student Council

  • Student Council is Democracy in Action

    Student Council gives students a voice at school, in the community, and in the state.

    Student Council at San Mateo Adult School

    • Morning and evening Student Councils. 
    • Officers are elected in the Fall for a one-year term. 
    • English Secondary Language and GED classes choose two Class Representatives. 
    • Student Councils meet once a month. 
    • At meetings, discussion and voting about decisions.
    • Minutes are taken at the meetings. 
    • Class Reps report back to their classes 
    • Teacher Advisor: Stephanie Kriebel      


    2018-19 Student Council Officers

    • Morning Student Council
      • President Shelly Cheng
      • Vice President Shereen Lata
      • Secretary Claudia Asselborn
      • Advisor Ai Ikeuchi
    • Evening Student Council
      • President Carlos Diaz
      • Vice President Olivia Velazquez
      • Secretary Simone Coelho


    Learn more about 2018-19 Student Council Officers here.

    Student Council Funds

    • Primary funding source is sales of Student IDs. 
    • Student Council funds are kept in a bank.  
    • Student Councils vote about spending money. 
    • Examples of spending:  holiday events, field trip buses, legacy gifts.
    • Legacy gifts:  Benches, Student Lounge microwaves, Class libraries, Laptops


    Student Council Activities

    Leaders and Representatives organize and participate in:

    • School events including holidays, International Day and Night
    • Special activities such as Evening Pizza Nights and Evening Book Club
    • Tuesday morning sales of red t-shirts, bumper stickers, pencils
    • Community work, such as the Second Harvest Food Drive, Community Clean-ups
    • Advocacy, speaking with elected officials, community advisory council, the press
    • Workshops at conferences on the local, state, and national level


    For More Information

    Learn more about English as a Second Language Student Councils here.

    Take a look at our School Leaders in action here and here.