Student Council

  • Student Council is Democracy in Action

    Student Council gives students a voice at school, in the community, and in the state.

    New!  Read Evening Student Council President Carlos Diaz' presentation about leadership opportunities in student council.

    Student Council at San Mateo Adult School

    • Morning and evening Student Councils. 
    • Officers are elected in July for a one-year term. 
    • ESL and GED classes choose two Class Representatives. 
    • Student Councils meet once a month. 
    • At meetings, discussion and voting about decisions.
    • Minutes are taken at the meetings. 
    • Class Reps report back to their classes      

    Student Council Teacher Advisor:  Stephanie Kriebel


    2019 - 20 Student Council Officers

    Morning Student Council Leadership Team:

    • President: Cejana Neiva
    • VP: Nadia Fontas
    • Secretary: Flavia Tassinari
    • Board Advisor: Jesus Duenas


    Evening Student Council Leadership Team:

    • President: Elena Pulido
    • VP: Vanessa Santos
    • Secretary: Marcus Mariano
    • Board Advisor: Yuehao Wang

    Contact Information:

    Learn more about 2018-19 Student Council Officers here.


    Student Council Funds

    • Primary funding source is sales of Student IDs. 
    • Student Council funds are kept in a bank.  
    • Student Councils vote about spending money. 
    • Examples of spending:  holiday events, field trip buses, legacy gifts.
    • Legacy gifts:  Benches, Student Lounge microwaves, Class libraries, Laptops


    Student Council Activities

    Leaders and Representatives organize and participate in:

    • School events including holidays, International Day and Night
    • Special activities such as Evening Pizza Nights and Evening Book Club
    • Tuesday morning sales of red t-shirts, bumper stickers, pencils
    • Community work, such as the Second Harvest Food Drive, Community Clean-ups
    • Advocacy, speaking with elected officials, community advisory council, the press
    • Workshops at conferences on the local, state, and national level


    For More Information

    Learn more about English as a Second Language Student Councils here.

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