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Summer College Support for Class of 2024

  • Support Line is Open June 10 - July 19

    For support over the summer connecting with your intended college/program, the SMUHSD Summer College Support Line is available to assist.

    A SMUHSD College, Career, and Financial Aid Advisor or School Counselor will be on hand to assist you with things like:

    • Rerouting Final Transcripts
    • Connecting with college counselors
    • Registering for classes
    • Submitting community college applications
    • Understanding Financial Aid/FAFSA/CADAA
    • Transferring your 504/IEP plan
    • College transition support
    • Applying for programs
    • and anything else that pops up as you get ready for college!

    The support line is active from June 10 - July 19.

    Download the flyer.

Career Guide

Student Opportunities

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    View the Slide Show of current job, internship, volunteer and workshop opportunities for students.