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May Golden Apple Recipient Announced - Congrats to Shannon Henricks

Shannon Henricks Recognized with May 2019 Golden Apple Award

Shannon Henricks with her award and surrounded by Capuchino and District staff

Congratulations to Shannon Henricks, School Guidance Counselor and Department Chair at Capuchino High School, for being chosen as the May 2019 Certificated Golden Apple recipient. Shannon was nominated by her colleagues Jesse Boise and Joyce Lynn and this is what they had to say about her:

"Shannon goes above and beyond each and every day. She serves as our Counseling Department Chair. She attends to the small details and broader structures. Most importantly, Shannon takes action. Shannon is currently mentoring our two new School Counselors, consistently collaborating with Wellness Counselors, and still finds time to support SAGA. With Shannon's support, SAGA, was able to put on their first ever Drag Show at Capuchino. This is certainly important and noteworthy. What may be more important, is that this event took place in the middle of school programming - a school counselor's busiest time of year. Shannon has tremendous bandwidth, an unwavering commitment to kids, and the ability to create a more inclusive campus climate."

"Shannon selflessly helps everyone at Capuchino and I mean everyone! She not only advocates for students but advises faculty, classified staff, administrators and parents. Shannon is the glue that holds our counseling department together. Currently, we have two brand new counselors and one veteran out on maternity leave so she has had to carry a huge workload, not only running our department; but training, advising, supporting and mentoring our new counselors.

She listens to all individuals and addresses their needs. Shannon has advocated for the marginalized for her entire career and brought a variety of training programs to our school to make our staffulty aware of these ever evolving issues. She strongly supports rights for the disabled, women, LGBTQ, the underrepresented, the undocumented, and the list goes on and on!"

"Shannon's generosity includes, but is not limited to, raising money for a homeless family to stay temporarily in a hotel so they could have shelter in order for the student to be enrolled in school. On top of it all, she has encouraged wellness in our department by infusing wellness practices in our weekly meetings.

From a personal perspective, Shannon has a great sense of humor bringing laughter to many, and she has always supported and encouraged me both personally and professionally."