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Sarah Press Honored with Golden Apple Award

Sarah Press surrounded by SMUHSD staff
Congratulations to Sarah Press, she is the recipient of the January Certificated Golden Apple. She was nominated by the Hillsdale administration team and this is what they had to say about her: 
"Sarah has been an exceptional member of the Hillsdale community for the past ten years. She has been a leader and anchor as an English teacher in her Florence House team. Sarah is a model on campus of professionalism, team-work, and an ability to establish deep relationships with her students and families. Sarah works collaboratively with multiple teams on campus, is a co-chair of the English department, and facilitates the Hillsdale Effect Club. Sarah epitomizes what it means to be a reflective practitioner, demonstrating her reflective nature on her own practice and is continually open to learning and growing as a professional. Sarah welcomes new staff members to campus - making them feel part of the team and balances with an innate sense of being able to coach new teachers and give them autonomy and give them an equal space to share their voice and opinions.
Sarah runs the Hillsdale Effect Club - which has a unique focus on understanding local and global cycles of poverty and implementing solutions that break these cycles. Hillsdale Effect has a committed and rigorous meeting schedule, all run by Sarah with the goal of raising money for microloans for women in Guatemala. Sarah has created a school wide fundraising campaign that gets students excited about the cause, enlisting every single advisory on campus to contribute. Sarah also travels with approximately 10-15 students every summer to Guatemala to deliver the loans and meet the female recipients. The impact that Sarah's club has not only on Hillsdale, her student participants, and of course the recipients of the loans is the epitome of taking learning and community to the next level and Sarah does this with passion, dedication and grace."
Congratulations Sarah!