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Canned Food Drive - March 4 - 29

Hillsdale’s 2019 Spring Canned Food Drive is coming your way! Beginning March 4 and ending March 29, our school will have an opportunity to participate in an effort to help those in need in our community. This year, we will be donating to the Second Harvest Food Bank an organization that serves locally.

This drive is taking place in order to provide the entire school community in an event that will benefit the lives of those around us. With full participation, we hope to collect 1,000 or more cans, with each can going to someone in our area who needs our help. If each student brings one can, there is no doubt that we will be able to exceed this goal, and help an even greater number of people. In order to this, we must all work together and share in our commitment to our community.

This will be a class (as in Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) competition for Spirit Points. Each advisory will be given a bin to store the cans that they collect. Your Leadership Advisory Representative will be checking in with you and periodically collecting these cans in order to give Spirit Points. Monetary donations are also welcome - $1 will count as the equivalent to 1 can in terms of the competition. The winners will be rewarded as follows:


First place (most cans): 200 spirit points

Second place: 100 spirit points

Third place: 50 spirit points

Fourth place: 25 spirit points