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Kelly Alberta Recognized with Golden Apple Award

Kelly Alberta Recognized with Golden Apple Award


Kelly Alberta surrounded my MHS students, staff and SMUHSD Superintendent Kevin Skelly

English Teacher Kelly Alberta was nominated by Michelle Myers and this is what she had to say: 

"Kelly is my instructional coach for evaluation this year and she has been instrumental in helping me with the evaluation system and in improving my teaching practice. In meetings she balances being very efficient and also supportive; our time spent together is effective without taking all afternoon. She is extremely resourceful in finding the answers to questions that are related to the process for the evaluation system, and when she finds an answer she always shares it with everyone else that she knows is also participating - this improves the program quality as well as the productivity because it keeps everyone from getting stuck on the same roadblock.

Aside from the incredible tactical support that I have already received from Kelly, my morale has absolutely been impacted by her presence on campus. She is warm and friendly, and she makes sure to ask questions that make me feel seen as a person, but she also provides the right amount of challenge for me as a fellow educator as well. She is organized and thorough and I believe she should be recognized for her mentorship skills and exemplary professional (and human) qualities."


Congratulations Kelly!