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SMHS In the News - New Cell Phone Policy

San Mateo High School's New Cell Phone Policy in the News

Cell Phone-Free Schools on the Rise
Parentology, November 5, 2019 

Alaska High School Bans Cell Phones, and Students are HJappy With the New Rule
Newsweek, October 7, 2019

The cost of cellphones: Teachers, students, parents debate banning phones from classrooms
Some high schools are taking steps to curtail presence of devices during school hours
Palo Alto Online, September 27, 2019

Webcast: How One School Went Phone Free
Palo Alto Online, September 27, 2019

Cell Phone Ban At San Mateo High School Receiving Positive Feedback
KPIX CBS 5 Bay Area, September 16, 2019

School Settles into Being Phone-Free
San Mateo High School navigates new no-phone policy
San Mateo Daily Journal, September 16, 2019

Kyrene Seeks Parent Input on Phones
Ahwatukee Foothills News, September 16, 2019

Opinion: Lock 'em up!
Emporia Gazette, September 5, 2019
Should Schools Ban Phones from the Classroom?
Hashtag Our Stories, September 4, 2019
ABC News, September 4, 2019
Phones Buzz in Class—With Texts From Mom and Dad
Schools are instituting phone bans to cut down on classroom distractions; ‘My mother texts me all the time’
Wall Street Journal, September 3, 2019
Ed Surge, August 29, 2019
Should Phones Be Banned From Schools?
Yahoo Canada, August 29, 2019

Phone-Free school? An Interesting Concept | Opinion
Jackson Sun, August 27, 2019

San Mateo High School Phone Free Policy Gets National Attention
98.1 The Breeze, August 27, 2019

Should Phones Be Banned From Schools
Yahoo News, August 24, 2019

California High School Bans Cellphone Use
NBC News Now, August 22, 2019

San Mateo High School Setting Trends with Phone-Free Policy, Fielding Calls from Across the Country
Yahoo News, August 23, 2019

San Mateo High School Takes 'Phone-Free' Stance
Along with textbooks, locking devices for students' cells were handed out this year, making school among first in U.S. to shut down chatter.
San Mateo Patch, August 22, 2019

Should Cell Phones be Banned
The Today Show, August 21, 2019

Should Public Schools Go Cell-Phone Free? This School Says Yes
Parade, August 21, 2019

A California High School Found Students' Cellphones Too Distracting, So They're Locking the Devices Up
Some experts say taking away the students' devices creates its own kind of distraction — and anxiety — for students
NBC Nightly News, August 20, 2019

San Mateo High School Is Among The First In The Country To Go Phone-Free!
The Breeze, 98.1 Radio, August 20, 2019

San Mateo High School students going cell phone free, thanks to new policy  
KRON News, August 20, 2019

How a Bay Area high school is putting students' cell phones on lockdown
SF Gate, August 20, 2019

Bay Area High School Turns to YONDR to Keep Phones out of Class
KCBS Radio, August 20, 2019

San Mateo High School Goes Phone-Free, Largest Public School in the Country to Do It
ABC 7 News Bay Area, August 19, 2019

Sick of Distracted Students? Some Schools Have Started Locking up Their Phones
San Mateo High removes the temptation, and the opportunity, to break cell phone rules
San Jose Mercury News, August 19, 2019

Sin Telephones: Escuela en San Mateo Lanza Nuevo Programa Para Etudiantes
Telemundo, Ausust 19, 2019

Esta preparatoria del Área de la Bahía prohíbe que los alumnos usen sus celulares en horario escolar
Univision, August 14, 2019

Frustrated With the Distractions Phones Cause, Some Schools Ban Them
KQED Mindshift, July 2, 2019