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AP Exams 2023-24: Student Information

AP Exam Orientation: Screencast / Slidedeck 

What to bring?

  • Photo ID (school or government issued)

  • 2-Sharpened #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

  • 2-Black or blue pens

  • Approved calculator/batteries, when allowable (bring an extra)

  • Optional: Sweatshirt, bottled water (clear bottle, no label), and/or snack (for break time)

  • Chromebook for digital and world language exams. Chromebroswer must be updated.

  • AP ID Labels - Label sheets will be issued during your first exam. Please do not lose these if you are taking multiple exams. 

What NOT to bring? (Leave at home or in your locker)

x   Purses, backpacks, or bags (not allowed in testing rooms)
x   Cell phones, smart watches, or any other electronics (not allowed in testing rooms; no exceptions)
x   Hat or beanie
x   Colored pencils, highlighters, correction fluid, or non-transparent pencil boxes/bags
x   Books, compass, dictionaries, notebook(s), or scratch paper
x   Headphones or earplugs

Additional Notes

  • Snack and water are allowed, but must be kept outside near the door and only accessed during the break

  • Students must remain in testing room for the duration of the exam

  • You must attend all classes prior to and/or after your AP Exam

  • Lunch will be provided before afternoon exams (11:15am)

  • NO student(s) will be admitted to the testing room once the exam has begun

  • Students who have approved accommodations through College Board will be testing in an alternate location (Mr. Holtz will notify you individually)

  • DAC App directions for AP Spanish and French Exams

  • BlueBook Practice for Digital Exams

Please email Mr. Holtz ( with any questions.

2023-24 AP Exam Calendar

AP Exam Calendar

Report to your testing location by the following times: Morning = 7:45am  / Afternoon = 11:45am               [*Digital Exam]