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Mental Health Meeting for Parents/Guardians

PHS Holds “Mental Health Meetings for Parents”

In response to parent feedback gathered by the PHS Family  Engagement Coordinator, Mental Health Meeting for Parents was offered twice this trimester to accommodate parent/guardian work schedules; one meeting was held during the day and the other in the evening. 

Each town hall style meeting was facilitated by the Family Engagement Coordinator Carlos Nolasco and Wellness Counselor Lara Montoya; a member from the Administration Team was in attendance to answer disciplinary, academic and overall questions.  The meeting opened with an introduction of each member in attendance followed by information provided by the Wellness Counselor explaining in great detail current trends in student mental health needs exclusive to the PHS student body. 

The Wellness Counselor delineated, through dialogue and in pamphlet form, PHS school-based and community resources/services provided and available to students. Parents then had the opportunity to express their concerns about their student’s social and emotional behaviors.  Parents received support from one another and were provided possible interventions from the Wellness Counselor.  The meeting concluded with parents sharing additional needs and wants to be able to more involved as an intricate part of the PHS team.


PHS will hold Mental Health Meetings for Parents twice a trimester in addition to Cafecito con el Director (Coffee with the Principal) which is held each trimester.

If you would like more information about these events, please email Lara Montoya at