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LiveSafe Daily Health Questionnaire - Link and Information - Click Here

Quick Access to Questionnaire Click Here <==
Starting, October 1st, we will shift our daily health screening form to LiveSafe - rather than the original JotForm link. The LiveSafe Daily Health Questionnaire needs to be filled out for every day that you come to campus. We recommend that you download the LiveSafe App to your phone or other device. The QR code and instructions are towards the bottom (and are active again!). Additionally, you can click this link to directly access the daily health questionnaire via your internet browser. 
  • Please complete the form before you come in to work (preferably before you leave home)
  • To increase privacy, the app/website will not autofill any of your information into the form  
  • Input your personal/cell phone number, not your office/classroom phone number
  • Once completed, you will get one of the following responses: 
    • green ü and "Sounds like you're feeling OK!"
      •  When you get to work/school, show the health screener the response confirmation (with date and time stamp) via the app, a screenshot, the email that is sent upon completion of the form, or the website  
      • To verify this response, a health aide will contact you via the phone number you input to the form. 
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Did the QR code to download the LiveSafe app not work, or you have an Android phone?
Then go to the App Store or Google Play Store directly and search for "LiveSafe" to download the app.
Additionally, you can access the Daily Health Screening via this website:
or by scanning this QR code: