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Registration Update for Summer Semester 2019 ESL Classes

Registration for Summer Semester ESL Classes Begins in April

Summer 2019 Semester begins Tuesday, April 23

General Information about Registration for ESL Classes

  • Registration is a two day process. 
  • You must come both days.
  •  Registration is first come, first served.  Come on time or early.  

Registration for Morning Summer Semester ESL Classes

  • April 15/16, 17/18, 29/30, May 6/7 at 8:30 am

Registration for Evening Summer Semester ESL Classes

  • April 8/9, 15/16, 29/30, May 6/7  at 5:45 pm

Registration for Returning ESL Students Both Morning and Evening

  • April 23 – April 26


General Information about the Two-Day Registration Process

To help students find the best ESL class for them, we have a two-day registration process that includes assessment, staff guidance, and orientation. 

  • This process helps us find the best class for you.
  • You must attend both days.
  • It is first come, first served.
  • Student volunteers help you.
  • Be on time!

For More Information About Registration

Currently Available Classes on the SMAS Campus

ESL Classes at the San Bruno Location - Openings Avialable Now

  • Beginning and Intermediate Level ESL
  • 8:45 am to 12 noon, Monday through Friday
  • Registration for ESL classes at our San Bruno community location is on-site.
  • Show up on time or early for the class and the teacher will register you.
  • You do not need to attend the two-day Main Campus registration process for classes at the San Bruno off-site campus.
  • First Baptist Church 1005 Crystal Springs Road, San Bruno 
  • Easy parking in the lot or on the street.