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Student Ambassador Spotlight: Rie

Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program is a volunteer opportunity for students who are dedicated to serving and representing San Mateo Adult School. This is an important part of the San Mateo Adult School volunteering program along with the Student Council and Student Interpreters on Call. Students Ambassadors practice their English skills, help welcome new students, provide campus tours, learn and use office/ workforce readiness skills, all while helping and giving back to the San Mateo Adult School. Student Ambassadors also serve as San Mateo Adult School  representative and perform duties at various off campus San Mateo Adult School events and community events.

Student Ambassador Spotlight: Rie

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I'm Rie, and I've been apart of the Student Ambassador Program for three years. It's been great working with the staff at the SMART Center because they care so much about the students.


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How long have you been a student at the San Mateo Adult School Student?

I've been here for more than three years, and I took classes for pronunciation, computer software, conversation, reading, and professional business communication.


What made you decide to participate in the Student Ambassador Program?

I was interested in doing something more than just learning, and the program was perfect for me to get more experience in a different environment. Also, the school needed people who could help new students during ESL registration/orientation, and I was a match.


What was the highlight?

We created  an informational table for the second day of the two-day registration so that new students would be able to decide on classes they wanted to take before meeting with a counselor to register for classes. When I was in charge of the informational table, I asked the students the times of the day they were available and areas of English they wanted to improve. Then I informed them which classes would be suitable for them. Marina told me later on that day that I was very helpful in accelerating her job of counseling them because she did not have to explain what programs the school offers.

What advice would you have for someone who is interested in becoming a Student Ambassador?

I would recommend interested candidates take action to try this position, not just thinking about doing it. You may not feel confident to speak in front of people at first, but no one is good at it in the beginning. The more opportunities you have, the less stressed you will feel. This volunteer position will educate you on how to interact with people with limited English, too. There may not be a Student Ambassador who speaks a new students particular language, so you need to be creative with your verbal skills as well as nonverbal ones.


What’s next for you?

I would like to pursue a master's degree, which is my long-term goal.