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Farewell, Guillermo

Guilermo Acevedo Retires

After serving as evening English Language Specialist, Guillermo Acevedo is retiring.  

For years, Guillermo helped students understand our school, register, and choose the classes that were best for them.  He also helped them understand our local community and culture, find resources, and make a home for themselves and their families.  Both students and staff appreciated Guillermo's deep kindness, consistent patience, and solid knowledge of our school and community.  

Monday, September 30th was Guillermo's last evening at work.  Stephanie Wright and other staff members prepared a goodbye gathering for him.  Patricia Brown led everyone in a good-bye song.  

Director Tim Doyle spoke about Guillermo's values - his understanding that life is both difficult and beautiful.  Guillermo spoke about everything he learned from both students and staff.  He said he this job was a place where he could live his values.

We will miss all that Guillermo brought to our school community and we wish him well in his retirement.