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Staff Spotlight: Demetrius Booker

Meet Demetrius Booker - New Modern Office Technology Instructor

Demetrius Booker is our new Modern Office Technology instructor.  In the Modern Office Technology program, students study at their own pace with the support of the instructor.  The program is offered days, evenings, and Saturdays. College credit is possible.

Mr. Booker brings deep knowledge, years of experience, and a friendly and ready-to-help teaching manner to the job. Get to know him better in this interview  -- and say hello and welcome if you see him on campus!

When did you start teaching at at SMAS?



What did you teach before?

MicroSoft Office, Digital Literacy, Career Exploration, Finance.


Where did you teach before?

New Haven Adult School, Center Point Parolee Center.

Both in the East Bay.


What do like best about teaching MOT?

Working with the students.


What is your advice for students who want to learn something new in technology?

Be patient.


What is your advice for overcoming obstacles?

Ask questions - Perseverance.


Have you done something different from teaching in the past?

Yes, Marketing, Sales, business startups.


What do you like best about SMAS?

State of the Art lab.


What is your favorite tech special thing or app?

iPad - tablet.


What do you like to do for fun?



Where did you grow up?

My father was in the military, so we lived all over the US.


Learn more about the Modern Office Technology Program here.