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New Citizen Amrutlal Tandel

New Citizen Success Story Amrutlal Tandel

With hard work and help of San Mateo Adult School, Amrutlal Tandel is now a citizen of the United States. Do you want to become a US citizen also? Read this interview with Amrutlal for tips on how to accomplish this goal.

When did you pass the citizenship test?

I passed the citizenship test in November.


How long have you attended SMAS?

Almost one year.

Did you take ESL classes?

I finished High Intermediate ESL with Gia.  And I have taken Distance Learning since August.


How long have you attended Citizenship classes?


Almost one year - 2 days a week - with Teacher Betty.


Was it easy or difficult to pass the test?


If I didn’t come to school, it was difficult.  But with school, it was very good.


What advice do you have for people who want to become citizens?


You have to go to school for citizenship class. 


Where are you from? 


Gujarat, India.


What did you do there?


Civil engineer - dams, bridges, sea walls, etc. 


What are your next steps now that you are a citizen?


I have more experience in civil engineering in India.  And I want to use my experience here.


Coming to a new country and becoming a citizen is not easy. How do you keep your energy strong?


Depends on the mind.  To become a citizen, you have to work hard.  You want to get something, you have to work hard. Mental strength.


Do you have advice for other students?


If younger, they have to study.  If older, after fifty, physical fitness is good, you have to work, and serve our community and our country.

Do you have family here with you?


I am am married and have two children.  My son has finished college and my daughter is in college.