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Civic Engagement: Coffee with Kevin

Civic Engagement - Student Leaders Have "Coffee with Kevin" - Assembly Member Mullin

Most of the year, legislators are in Sacramento, working to make laws to serve California.  Part of the year, they are back home in their home districts.  This is a good opportunity to visit with them and share ideas, discuss needs, and ask questions.  Some legislators have special events, "Meet and Greets" to make it easy to meet with them.
Assembly Member Kevin Mullin represents our part of San Mateo County in the State Assembly.  The California is divided into two parts - just like Congress.  The Assembly is like the House of Representatives in Congress.  The other part is the State Senate - like the US Senate in Congress.  
On December 5th, Assembly Member Kevin Mullin held a "Coffee with Kevin" event at a cafe in Burlingame.  Taxpayers did not pay for the coffee.  He paid for it.  From 8 to 9 am, anyone could come to the cafe and talk to him and his aides. 
A team of Student Leaders from Student Council and Green Team went to the event with English Learner Specialist Marina and Teacher Cynthia.  Their purpose was to talk about Adult Education and sustainability.
The students who came were:
  • Flavia - Morning Student Council Secretary and Green Team Member
  • Haruka - Garden Club and Green Team Member
  • Nadia - Morning Student Council President and Green Team Member
  • Olena - Morning Student Council Vice President
  • Shelley - Garden Club and Green Team Member
  • Vanessa - Evening Student Council Vice President 
The "Coffee with Kevin" event had two parts - open conversation and group Q & A (Question and Answer).  In the Q & A, Cynthia asked Asm. Mullin about funding for Adult Ed.  Asm Mullin said he would ask Asm Phil Ting - the chair of the Budget Committee in the Assembly.  Asm Mullin is also in the Budget Committee.  Asm Mullin said he knew there was good Adult Education in the County and good advocacy.  
A woman from Sierra Club asked about responding to Climate Change.  Asm Mullin talked about plans to deal with Climate Change on the regional level. 
Our SMAS team will follow up with Asm Mullin to find out what Asm Phil Ting has to say about Adult Education funding for the future.  We will continue to deliver the message to our elected representatives that Adult Education Matters and good funding brings good outcomes.  And we will ask about what our state government is doing to respond to Climate Change.
Our elected representatives are our voice in the lawmaking process.  For the process to work, we must share our ideas and questions with them. This is democracy in action.