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Student Ambassador Spotlight: Tatiana Nosova

Student Ambassador Spotlight: Tatiana Nosova

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

Hi, I am Tatiana Nosova, and I am from Russia. I like meeting new people and socializing with them. The San Mateo Adult School has been a big part of me realizing this about myself. Here at school I have heard many interesting stories and traditions from people from different countries. I really love this school.

How long have you been a student at San Mateo Adult School?

I have been studying at the San Mateo Adult School for almost two years. I started in the Low Intermediate ESL class in the evening, and am now in the High Advanced ESL class in the morning.  I have also completed the Job Search Workshop.

What made you decide to participate in the Student Ambassador Program?

During my first term here at school, there was a call out for new Student Ambassadors, so I decided that this would be a great opportunity for me to study English, socialize with people and at the same time help this lovely school. I was right. People who work here are amazing, I really like helping in any way I can.

What has been the highlight:

The highlight for me has been working with the staff during the ESL registration/orientation; this is really challenging time for the staff. As a Student Ambassador, I am able to help the staff by helping new students become comfortable as new students, answering their many questions and assisting with keeping the process organized. 

What advice would you have for someone who is interested in becoming a Student Ambassador?

I advise anyone who would like to help the San Mateo Adult School to join this wonderful program. If you would like to be involved in an office environment, would like to improve your English and would like to get to know and become closer to the lovely staff, than this is the program for you.

That is it. ☺

Sincerely, Tatiana