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Dual Enrollment Courses Start January 14 at SMHS and January 28 at MHS.

Dear Parents and Guardians of 11th and 12th Grade Students:


Happy New Year! Now that we are back in school, time is of the essence for students who want to take advantage of the FREE college courses being offered to all SMUHSD juniors and seniors at San Mateo and Mills High Schools this semester. You may remember the letter I sent out before the break detailing these exciting new offerings. To briefly recap: the San Mateo High School District (SMUHSD), in collaboration with the San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD), is offering five college credit classes in the spring semester.   


Courses are open to ALL SMUHSD 11th and 12th grade students, regardless of which school they attend.


San Mateo High School - January 14-May 24

Accounting Procedures, Monday 6-9 p.m. Room: E116

Introduction to Business, Tuesday 6-9 p.m. Room: E115

Introduction to Criminal Justice, Tuesday 6-9 p.m. Room: E116

As you can see, classes at San Mateo High start next week. If your student wants to attend, these classes they can show up on Monday or Tuesday evening and there will be staff there to help them through the process.  The classes meet in rooms E115 and E116 at SMHS.


Mills High School - January 28-May

Gateway to Health Careers, Wednesday 6-9 p.m.

Emergency Medical Responder, Monday 6-9 p.m.


There are many benefits to students who take community college courses in high school. In addition to receiving high school credit, students will receive Community College credit for the course and may transfer the credits toward a four-year college or Associate degree. Taking one of these classes now allows your student to explore a potential field of postsecondary study and be exposed to a career opportunity. In many cases our high school campuses are closer and more accessible thane community college campuses. Finally, there are no costs associated with these courses.