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Substitute with SMUHSD

Top Six Reasons to Substitute with SMUHSD:

1. The SMUHSD Board of Trustees recently approved a rate increase to $200/day

2. Opportunities: The District has a growing need for substitute teachers to fill one-day teaching assignments due to our increased Professional Development schedule for our permanent educators.

3. Subs Love SMUSHD: We have several teachers who have been substituting for the District for more than ten years.

4. We offer incentive programs for our retirees to return to the District and substitute teach. We have 38 SMUHSD retired teachers who have returned to the District to substitute.

5. We offer a career path to a teaching position – start as a substitute teacher and build your reputation inside our schools.

6. Flexibility: We use the online platform Frontline so substitutes can easily manage their assignments, choosing what days they are and are not available.

As a substitute you play a critical role in the continuity of daily education for our students during their teacher's absence. We know that it takes professional dedication and a special talent to be a substitute teacher. SMUHSD's Human Resources Department and our school site staff are ready to provide assistance and answer any questions you have and we offer support and education to help in your success.

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Six Really Good Reasons to Sub with SMUHSD flyer