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Aragon Presents its 2019-2020 Lip Dub!

Aragon High school is one of the most diverse, inclusive and connected high schools of the San Francisco bay area. Aragon’s biennial Lip Dub has involved a year of planning and organization -- it involves over 1800 student, teachers and staff, showcases our diverse groups on campus, and highlights select students who lip sync to a mash-up of several songs, including My House by Flo Rida, High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco, and Finesse by Bruno Mars. Commission Head Harbani Kaur Jaggi and her Campus Connections team in the Leadership class led this year’s Lip Dub.


This year, Campus Connections made major design changes to the Lip Dub, adding in a unique skit as well as vignettes which highlight different student groups around campus in order to embody the school’s theme of individuality, diversity, and community: “Out of Many, One.” 


Watch the video