Biotechnology I, II

Biotechnology fuses academic and technical training to prepare students to work in the growing biotechnology industry. The focus of Biotechnology I is on mastery of basic standard laboratory operating procedures. Record-keeping, safe and proper use of equipment, and employee etiquette are stressed. Students learn sterile technique, cell culture, DNA and protein isolation and analysis, including electrophoresis. In the second semester students build on the skills developed in the first semester with emphasis on assay development, spectrophotometry, recombinant DNA technology, and bacterial transformation. All pathway courses have workplace experiences.

In biotechnology II, students build on skills learned in Biotechnology I to perform advanced DNA and protein analysis.  The focus of Biotechnology II is on pharmaceutical and agricultural biotechnology applications.  Students extract and analyze DNA and proteins from plants as well as breed and genetically engineer plants.  In the Spring, students conduct sophisticated diagnostic testing of protein and DNA samples, including polymerase chain reaction, DNA synthesis and sequencing and column chromatography.  

This course meets the UC/CSU “d” laboratory science requirement. This course meets the CTE district graduation requirement.

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