Edtech In Action

Posted by Dominic Bigue on 2/10/2018 10:00:00 AM

Canvas Goes Live Across the District! 

Teachers and students are working together to develop a shared understanding of how to leverage the strengths of what technology has to offer in the classroom.

  • They have tried to make student thinking visible. So teachers better see where their students understand or may need additional support
  • They have promoted student voice:  so that all are able to respond and participate, not just those that are vocal or proficient.
  • They have encouraged sharing and collaboration and peer to peer learning to build community and share expertise
  • They have differentiated access to resources and extension activities that both challenge and support students.


Each learner in their own way, has to embrace a growth mindset that required a Personal Process of Exploration, Trial and Error. For each learner the technology served to enhance their work and connections. The technology helps focus on meaningful and thoughtful interactions and demonstrations of learning, not just consumption of content.