Past Event Examples

Here are some examples of past events. Follow us on Instagram at @capmustangs Instagram for up-to-date news and announcements: 


  • Basketball at Lunch
  • BOTS Spirit Days
  • Clothing Swap
  • Club Fair
  • Homecoming Performances/Spirit Days
  • Homecoming Spirit Week 
  • Jamba Juice Gift Cards
  • Pajama Day
  • Pink Spirit Day
  • Pumpkin Decorating
  • School Supply Drive
  • Soccer at Lunch
  • Art and Clay Play 
  • Therapuppies
  • Tongan Donations 
  • Toy Drive for Pediatric ICU's
  • Valentine Candy Grams
  • Volleyball at Lunch
  • Wing Stop Fundraiser
  • FanCloth Fundraiser
  • Homecoming Dance Sales 
  • Club Food Sales at Homecoming 
  • Spirit Day: Playoff Baseball 
  • SAGA Support Day for Posters
  • Birthday Fall Banner
  • Alebrije Making 
  • Halloween Costumes 
  • Tie Dye Shirts Sales
  • Niners Day 
  • Soccer at Lunch
  • Clothing Drive/Clothing Swap
  • Volleyball at Lunch
  • Mountain Mikes Fundraiser
  • WingStop Fundraiser
  • Review Week Spirit Days


  • Comfort Spirit Day
  • Latino Heritage Awareness
  • Filipino Heritage Music Awareness
  • Halloween Week Activities: Create a monster with items in your workspace, Kahoot Trivia, DIY Mask Making, Alebrijes Clay Making, Pumpkin Weight Guessing Game, Candy Guessing Game. 
  • DIY Tote Bag Creation Kit
  • Scary Movie Talk Zoom Session
  • Fall Spirit Gear Sales 
  • Freshman Connection Zoom Session
  • Mental Health Awareness Week 
  • Fire Relief Drive: Donate Food Items to Leadership so we can help give back to local community Food Shelters impacted by the California Wildfires  
  • Family Game Donation Drive


Previous Leadership School Events (2019-2020)

Community Events

  • To kick off the school year for the Freshman, Leadership and Capuchinos Student Ambassadors dedicated a whole day to help the freshmen get the jitters out before high school.  With the help of Keith Hawkins, Freshman orientation was a success with 290 freshies showing up!
  • Back to School Night was on September 5 and it was a nice chilly evening.  Leadership had more than 16 volunteers show up to help parents around the beautiful campus.
  • Senior Sunrise kicked off their last first event of their high school journey.  Getting to school by 6am on August 13, they stayed up watching the sunrise over the Capuchino campus with their fellow classmates at their sides.
  • Community Wellness held a School Supply Drive from September 4th to the 20th to help out local elementary schools.  They collected 332 school supplies and books in total; 207 School Supplies and 125 books.
  • Capuchinos Tech Commission started off the year with a CAP Chronicle Episode with fun and informational clips on Capuchinos upcoming events.  Posting it on the Capuchino Instagram account, 432 people viewed the episode!!
  • Club Faire was on September 26, with a commotion of clubs reaching out to their peers.  We had eight clubs present at club fair with representatives at each table. Gotta love our clubs!! Club Faire (9/26)
  • And Capuchino’s Tech Crew posted another CAP Chronicle episode two weeks later, receiving 132 views on Instagram.

Activities During School

  • As a welcome back to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, the Marvel Rally was a perfect way to introduce the freshman to Cap.  Freshmen represented Hulk and Gamora, Sophomores represented Black Widow and Black Panther, Juniors were Captain Marvel and Captain America, and Seniors were Spiderman and Iron Man.  In total, there were 119 participants on stage, performing and playing games.
  • And just like that it was homecoming week. We decided to take a step away from reality with our Fairytale Dream theme. Not only did we celebrate Cap, but we also recognized Breast Cancer Awareness by decking out in all pink schoolwide! With a total of 130 performances ranging from Poly Club, SAGA, and folklorico, to cheer accompanied by the football team, the rally was a huge success (just like our big win at our football game!). 
  • Staff at Lunch (11 people, 8/16)
  • Wii Boxing was another lunchtime activity that ran from September 9th to the 12th. Not only did 66 students participate in total, but even Mr. Olsen debuted his boxing moves, and won!!
  • A kickball tournament was just what we needed to get through the mid-September stress, and that’s exactly what we got. It kicked off *wink wink* on September 17th with the Freshman vs Sophomore game with 22 total participants. The freshmen won and locked in a spot for the finals. The following day, a total of 38 participants arrived aqs the Seniors took home to dub. Finally, the championship game came. With 71 total participants and a very close game, the Seniors took it all and are now kickball champs! 
  • Combine all Three: Three basketball lunchtime events by LTA kept the momentum flowing as the first two months progressed. Starting with 20 players at a good ol’ game of Royal Court on September 20th followed by the fan favorite of knockout with 16 participants. Finally a pick up game of 3 on 3 consisted of an intense match between the 16 people who showed up!
  • At lunch on September 27, Capuchinos Cultural Awareness Commission planned a fun filled lunch where students could sign a poster and enjoy Folkloricos performance.  Student even had a chance to join into the dance!


  • To start off the year, Junior Council had a WingStop Fundraiser on the same day as the first home football game, August 30th.  As a result, they fundraised $170 for future events such as Formal 2020 and Prom 2021
  • On September 24, the Fundraising Commission put on their first Gear Sales.  They made $233 in profit selling sweatshirts, shirts, and other Capuchino Spirit Gear.
  • The following day, Sophomore Council pumped out a Papa Murphy’s Fundraiser, in which they made $105.  Looks like Formal 2021 is looking good!

Click below for a highlight video of the Welcome Back Rally: 

 2019 Welcome Back Rally