Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) English

Grade: 9-12


Year/10 Credits

UC/CSU : Yes - "b"

Prerequisite: Individual Education Plan team recommendation

Instruction is based on initial and ongoing individual assessment in reading (word recognition, fluency and comprehension) and written language skills. Remediation of reading and written language skills is addressed in the context of modified grade level standards-based instruction, which includes: vocabulary development through the acquisition of affixes, comprehension strategy development (summarization, prediction, question-asking, clarification), recognition of literary devices (figurative language, imagery and symbolism), and written language (paragraph and essay structure, thesis development, accuracy in mechanics through the editing process). The writing process – Planning, Organization, Writing, Editing and Rewrite – is introduced and reinforced throughout the year. Literature includes appropriate selections from the general education curriculum which are modified as needed, as well as other high interest, and self-selected works. Organization skills, follow-through, preparedness, and assuming personal responsibility are emphasized.