graduation requirements

  • To learn more about college admission requirements, and for a list of District courses that have been certified by the University of California as satisfying the requirements for admission to the University of California and California State University, please refer to the link below.

    Requirements for Admission

    All graduates must complete a minimum of 220 credits of course work.

    Career Technical Education (CTE): Career Technical Education is offered by the District as career and workforce preparation for high school students, preparation for advanced training, and the upgrading of existing skills. Career Technical Education provides high school students with valuable career and technical education so students can (1) enter the workforce with skills and competencies to be successful; (2) pursue advanced training in postsecondary educational institutions; or (3) upgrade existing skills and knowledge.

    Learn more about the District’s Career Technical Education classes with the link below.

    Career Technical Education classes


    Graduation Requirements - Spanish Translation

    Graduation Requirements - Chinese Translation

approved course list

  • A-G Courses
    University of California/California State University Requirements


    Amount of Credits Required


    History/Social Science

    2 years required; 35 credits which shall include:

    • Modern World History or European History AP (10 credits)
    • Contemporary World Studies (5 credits)
    • United States History (10 credits)
    • American Government (5 credits)
    • Economics (5 credits)



    4 years required; 40 credits



    3 years required (Algebra, Geometry and Intermediate Algebra), 4 years recommended; 30 credits


    Laboratory Science

    2 years required (Biology and Chemistry), 3 years recommended; 20 credits


    Language Other Than English

    2 years required, 3 years recommended; 20 credits; (English Language Development students may have the World Language requirement waived)


    Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)

    1 year required; 10 credits


    College-Preparatory Electives

    40 Elective Credits required



    5 credits


    Physical Education

    2 year required; 20 credits


    Career Technical Education

    1 year required, 10 credits
    Most Career Technical Education courses count for either the F or G requirement. 


     * Students are encouraged to meet with school counselors to help them choose courses at their school that will meet college admission requirements or enroll in career technical education courses, or both. Please contact the Assistant Principal of Instructional Services at your school.