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Arts, Media and Entertainment

Arts, Media and Entertainment

The Arts, Media and Entertainment program features a variety of pathways in Photography, Video, Game Design, Animation, Audio Production, Journalism and Publications. Discipline-specific instruction incorporates Common Core and academic content standards from the Visual and Performing Arts with the state CTE standards. Students are provided challenging academic and career-related experiences through partnerships with industry and use the latest technology and software to ensure that they are ready to take the next step in their career path. Students are given leadership roles in creating real-world projects such as television newscasts, video games, short films and portraiture.

Students are given the opportunity to take multi-year sequences that allow them to develop their own talents and build a portfolio which demonstrates their mastery.

Design, Visual and Media Arts Pathway

  • Art of Video
  • Advanced Art of Video

Above courses offered at AHS, BHS, CHS, HHS, MHS

  • Digital Photography
  • Advanced Digital Photography

Above courses offered at AHS, BHS, CHS, HHS, PHS, SMHS

  • Media Arts
  • Advanced Art & Multimedia

Above courses offered at CHS, MHS, SMHS

  • Publications

Above course offered at AHS, BHS, CHS, HHS, MHS, SMHS

  • Journalism

Above course offered at AHS, BHS, HHS, MHS, SMHS


Game Design and Integration Pathway

  • 3D Game Art & Design
  • Advanced 3D Game Art & Design
  • Production and Managerial Arts Pathway

 Above courses offered at BHS 

Performing Arts Pathway

  • Advanced Drama

Above course offered at HHS and BHS

Production and Managerial Arts

  • Audio Production

Above course offered at HHS

Career Guide - Arts, Media and Entertainment Pathway

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Animation Pages of Career Guide

Learn More About the Digital Media Pathway from Students and Teachers in the County

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